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After many years in the portable sanitation industry, a couple of things have made a lasting impression on me. First, the people are honest, hard working, and very creative. This holds true at all levels of the industry. Second, the best money is made with equipment like toilets, trucks, and facilities that’s paid for. Therefore, greater profit is achieved when quality equipment is maintained and cared for properly. Preparing for the largest profits consists of the purchase of quality equipment and a rigid maintenance schedule. I built my first stainless steel tank in 1978 and it is still in Phoenix, Arizona STILL servicing portable restrooms. When the owner asked how long he expected the tank to last, he laughed and said, “Oh, about 125 years.” My goal is to build the best looking, longest lasting equipment in the industry. I feel that the greatest asset in our industry is to be flexible. The ability to build custom tanks is our specialty. If what you are looking for is not on our web site, we will be glad to help you design and build whatever pleases you.


Happy Pumping,


Gayle Humphries

Where Quality Meets the Road  

– Gayle Humphries

Our goal is to build the best looking,
longest lasting equipment in the business.  

– Gayle Humphries

There are 2 kinds of service contractors, those who bought STAINLESS
and those who wish they had. Which are you?

– Gayle Humphries

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