6 Steps To Your Custom Vacuum Truck

Don’t hassle with a complicated sales process. At Best Enterprises, we want to make customizing a tank a great experience for each and every one of our customers. From our first meeting to the delivery of your new vacuum truck we have your interest in mind.

1. First Contact

The first contact is the most important! We love getting to know our customers and building personal relationships with you. We want to hear all about your business and how you run your trucks so we can begin to design a unit that works seamlessly for your needs.

2. Engineering

Our team begins to work on the custom engineering of your tank size to ensure it fits the specifications of your truck. We take great pride in not overbuilding any chassis’ GVW, which would exacerbate truck problems as well as DOT weigh stations. Every tank is engineered to be vacuum safe above any feasible vacuum pump capacity. At this stage we’ll also ensure the correct number of baffles and X-bracing are included for specifications. Front, middle and rear spring mounts are also installed to alleviate stress on the tank.

3. Manufacturing

Starting with flat sheets of metal, our skilled craftsmen roll the sheets to the correct cylinder size. With its shape created, the tank is then in the capable hands of our tank shop who will finish the tank, manways, sight glasses, and belly pan. The tank will then head to the body shop for the work tray/catwalk, stainless hose hooks, toilet carrier and bumper, and light cut outs. It’s final stop will be electrical and hydraulics for lighting, switches, PTO installation, and pumps.

4. Quality Control

Our plant manager completes a quality control checklist for each and every tank after it is built. Tanks are then inspected by our sales team.

5. Testing

All components and accessories are thoroughly tested before passing inspection.

6. Delivery

Our stress-free delivery brings your completed truck right to your door. We can also deliver by flatbed or lowboy. Rather pick it up? We’re always happy to meet you for pickup instead.

Contact us today about building your custom tank.

Have your own chassis? No problem! Need one? We’ve got you covered there too.